• 2005
    Shanghai Vostosun International Trading Co., Ltd. Was Founded.
  • 2005
    The New Capital of Kazakhstan construction project
    During 2005-2008, Construction of Astana, the New Capital of Kazakhstan, we provided equipment several times each year, including tower crane, truck crane, concrete pump truck, concrete Placing-boom, concrete tractor pump, excavator, loader, dump truck and so on, totaling hundreds of sets.

  • 2006
    AVP Group Ltd HK/KZ/RU Company Was Established
  • 2007
    The United Nations Aid Projects for Asia and Africa.

    Vostosun Has Become A Designated Supplier Of The United Nations Asia Africa Aid Project To Provide Assistance To Nepal / Sultan / Sierra Leone / Senegal.

    In 2007-2008, the United Nations military procurement project of the Nepali army, to supply bulldozers, excavators, loaders, truck cranes, etc.

    In 2009, the United Nations military procurement project in Senegal, to supply automobile cranes, wheel excavators, flat trucks, oil tankers, etc.

    In 2009, the United Nations military procurement program in Jordan, to supply tankers, field maintenance vehicles, etc.
    In 2011, the Road Maintenance project in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, including dump trucks, semi-trailers, generator sets, air compressors, etc.

  • 2008
    Africa Equatorial Guinea National Highway Network Built Construction Project Contractor , During 2008-2009,to supply truck cranes,bulldozers, wheel loaders, forklifts,drilling rigs, semi-trucks and generating sets, more than 300 sets with over 50 kinds of equipment, etc.

  • 2009
    The People's Bank Of China Authorized The First Batch Of Foreign Exchange RMB Settlement Units.
  • 2010

    2010-2013, Congo Gold and Copper Project

    Shanghai Peng Xin (Congo) Copper Mine Project Was Designated As The Equipment Procurement And Supply Service Provider.Since 2010,  providing several batches of nearly 8 million dollars of mining and earthmoving equipment and provide after-sales service for all these equipment.
  • 2011
     In 2011: the Avalon Nuclear Power Plant in Russia: 3 sets of 16 ton tower cranes, 3 sets of concrete placing machines and excavators;

    In 2011: Reconstruction of the republic of Chechnya: to supply 28 sets of bulldozers and loaders.

    From 2011 to 2012, the Russian coastal border area gold mine project: gold ore dressing production line, to supply the loader and other earth-moving equipment, and arranged field engineer for the on-site equipment installation, debugging and operation service.

    From 2011 to 2013:  to supply 150TPH mobile  production line and 100TPH crushing production plant and other equipment  in batches for manganese ore crushing and screening in Namibia.

  • 2012
    In 2012: A whole set of mining stone production line for the Sri Lanka government bidding;

    In 2012: 12 sets of specially customized belt conveyors for iron ore mine project in Chile;

    In 2012: supply loaders, sliding loaders, forklifts, etc. for Mexico project.

    In 2012-2013, Nigerian project, to supply bulldozer, backhoe Loader, concrete mixer, etc.

  • 2013

    In 2013, to supply tower crane, concrete placing machine, concrete trailer pump, etc. in comfortable housing project in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • 2014
    In 2014, Israeli project, to supply aluminum alloy production line and furniture production line.

  • 2015-2018

    In 2015, the Ugandan government service project, to  supply some construction equipment, labor insurance and living material for army construction;

    In 2015,The Iranian project, to provide mobile cranes, mine dump truck, front crane, etc.

    In 2015-2018, Russian Urals’s potassium sodium feldspar mining project, to supply potassium sodium feldspar beneficiation production line, to supply ball mill, magnetic separator, dryer, filter, etc. in batches.

  • 2019

    In 2019, the foundation pile construction of Shanghai Construction Engineering Uzbekistan Bank Center Project

    Cooperate with Shanghai Construction Engineering to provide services such as equipment supply, leasing and general contracting. Provide a total of 6 rotary drilling rigs, etc.

    In 2019, Shanghai Printing Factory Printing Wastewater Treatment Project. Removing solid suspended solids, grease, etc. of printing wastewater to achieve the recycling Standard again.

    In 2019, Thailand Domestic Sewage Treatment and Improvement Project ,Install flat ceramic membrane and use MBR transformation technology. (After reformation, the effluent COD <20mg / L, TP <0.5mg / L, ammonia nitrogen is less than 5mg / L, effluent SS <1mg / L)
    AVP Group UC was Founded

  • 2020

    Turkestan Drainage Canal Construction Project,KR220C rotary drilling rig sent to Turkey

    Rotary Equipment and Concrete Mixers. Singapore Construction Engineering,Singapore Multipurpose Drilling Rig

  • 2021
    2021, Uzbekistan Syr Darya Thermal Power Plant Construction Project

    Dispatching of drilling rigs and accessories to Shirin, Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan Syr Darya Thermal Power Plant Construction Project

    In 2021, the 7500TPD cement production line project in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.I

    Dispatched eight pile drivers to the Samarkand project

    7500TPD cement production line project in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.。

    2021 Construction Machineries for One Belt and One Road Cooperation Programs in Nigeria

    2021 Gypsum Board Production line overseas

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